Non-Degree Visiting Student Check-In

Graduate-level Non-degree visiting students (NDVS)can use this form to check in with The Office of International Affairs within three business days of entering the United States.  You do not need to physically come to the office to submit this form or complete your check-in requirement.  The required check-in submission is online only.

Graham Summer Students:  If you are part of the Graham high school or undergraduate summer programs, do not use the form below.  Instead use the regular F-1/J-1 Student Check-in Form

Instructions to Complete the Form

To complete the online check-in form, you will need to upload images of your immigration documents to the e-form below.  These images can be scans or high quality digital photos from your camera, smart phone, computer's internal webcam, or tablet

If you don't have access to a scanner, but you have a smartphone or tablet, you can take pictures of your documents directly from the form (Click on 'Choose File', then 'Take Photo or Video' on the iPhone) or upload them onto the form from your saved photos. Additionally, you can download a free scanning app such as CamScanner for Android or iPhone.

In addition to the equipment available at Regenstein and other campus libraries, many academic departments have computer stations at which you can scan/upload these documents. If you don't have a way to create scans of your documents, OIA has a computer/scanner in our office that you can use during office hours

Address Update Requirement

STOP! Before filling out this form, you must UPDATE YOUR SEVIS ADDRESS according to the following instructions:

Follow the address update instructions exactly to submit your address update. Make sure you set the 'effective date' as today's date.  If your accommodations change, you will need to submit a new address update each time you move.

IMPORTANT: The address formatting required by USCIS is very particular and may look different from U.S. addresses you have seen before. Note that failure to follow the address formatting instructions will prevent your F-1/J-1 record from being registered and you will not maintain your F-1/J-1 status.

If you are staying in temporary accommodations (e.g. a hotel), you must use the address of the hotel and then update it again after you move.

Graduate NDVS Check-in Form

Please enter your name as it is listed on your DS-2019.
This is your 8-digit Student ID number that starts with '10' or '12'
Please enter a 10-digit U.S. phone number where you can be reached. Do not include hyphens, dots, or dashes. Note that failure to provide a valid phone number will prevent OIA from registering your record in SEVIS, which will have a negative impact on your immigration record and cause you to be out of status.
U.S. Address
READ FIRST: The U.S. government requires the address of where you will be staying while in the U.S. In addition to providing it below, you must update your address on the my.UChicago portal. IMPORTANT: You must update your address according to the USPS formatting and update instructions. The USPS address formatting is different from other U.S. addresses you may have seen in the past. If the address provided is in the incorrect format, we cannot register your record in SEVIS.
Use this field to provide an apartment or suite number.
If you're not sure what the zip code is for your place of residence, you can find it here.
Document Upload
Please upload scans of your documents here. If you have dependents joining you in J-2 status, please include scans of their documents as well.

Required for all students except Canadian citizens.

You can access your most recent electronic I-94 record here: Save the image of your most recent I-94 as a pdf, jpeg or gif and upload here.