Request to Drop Below Full Course Load

Part Time Enrollment and Academic Department Approval

By submitting this form you confirm that you understand the RCL authorization is for immigration purposes only (F-1/J-1 status maintenance) and has no bearing on your academic eligibility to take a reduced course load or withdraw.  Prior to any changes, you must clear any part-time enrollment plans or leave with your department, as well as OIA.

When Should I submit this form and apply for an RCL?

We recommend that submit the RCL request no more than two weeks before the quarter in which you will be part-time enrolled. If you submit an RCL request for a future quarter, it cannot be processed until the current quarter ends.  For example, if you submit a spring quarter RCL request  during winter quarter, we must wait until winter quarter ends before we can process the spring quarter RCL. If you submit it early, we will hold on to your RCL request until we are able to process it. 

Special Instructions for Final Quarter RCL

If you are applying for a Final Quarter RCL and your I-20 end date is in a future quarter, you must submit a Verification of Completion form signed by your adviser to confirm that you are completing your program earlier than the end date on your I-20.  We will use this verification of completion form to shorten your I-20 to the updated quarter.

Reduced Course Load Application Form

Student Information
A confirmation of your submission will be sent to this address. Please check your email address for completeness and accuracy.
Required supporting documentation: MEDICAL RCL: submit the physician's note; ACADEMIC DIFFICULTY RCL: Letter from the Dean of Students; FINAL QUARTER RCL: Verification of Completion Form is required if you are finishing sooner than the current program end date on your I-20.