Change in Non-Resident Tax Software Provider

To support our international population, OIA pays for software licenses that allow most individuals in F-1 and J-1 status to file federal taxes through third-party vendor for free or a reduced cost.  In the past, OIA partnered with a program called Glacier to provide resources for foreign national tax returns.

Starting this year, we have contracted with a new vendor called Sprintax and will no longer be providing subsidized returns through Glacier. If you try to access Glacier with a UChicago log-in, you will get an error message.

Please see below for information about the change:

Why Change from Glacier to Sprintax?

Unlike Glacier, Sprintax allows nonresident for tax purposes to create both federal and state tax returns. Glacier allowed for federal returns only. Do note that while Sprintax can be used for both federal and state, OIA will subsidize the cost of your federal return only. If you use the software for any required state return(s), you must do so at your own expense.

When Will Access to Sprintax be Available?

Access to Sprintax should be available in late February.  OIA will send communication with additional information once Sprintax becomes available.

IMPORTANT: How Will I Receive the UChicago Discount?

After you create your tax filing in Sprintax, you must use your UChicago discount code when you "check out" to receive the free federal file.  More information about accessing and using your Sprintax code will be sent out in late February. Please see our filing website for information on accessing and using Sprintax.

I have questions about using Sprintax.  How can I get Help?

The software is provided by Sprintax, which is a third party company.  If you have any difficulty registering or using the software, contact You can also access an online chat feature by logging into your Sprintax account.

All of My Information Is Already in Glacier.  Can I still use Glacier?

Yes, but it will be at your own expense.  As a non-resident for tax purposes, you can use any tax software that is specifically intended for non-residents for tax, such as Sprintax or Glacier. If you are a current UChicago student or scholar, OIA will subsidize the cost of your federal return with Sprintax only. 

Will OIA Pay for Access to Sprintax?

As in previous years, OIA will subsidize the cost of federal tax returns for UChicago non-residents for tax purposes. In addition to federal filing, Sprintax will allow you to create your state tax return.  However, OIA will pay for the federal return only.  If you want to use Sprintax to create your state return, you must do so at your own expense.

I've Graduated/Completed My Program.  Can I Still Use Sprintax?

Any non-resident for tax purposes can pay to use Sprintax for federal and state taxes at their own expense.  To receive a free federal file from OIA, you must also be a current F-1/J-1 student or scholar with a valid CNET ID.

If you have already graduated and/or your CNET ID is no longer valid, you can certainly still use the software at your own expense or review your other options.

Do I Have to Use Sprintax to File My Tax Return?

No. We recommend that you use the software to make filing easier, but you are not required to use the software if you do not want to. You can learn about other potential filing options on our website.  Do note that OIA will only subsidize federal returns filed through Sprintax.

How Do I Access and Use Sprintax?

Please see our filing website for information on accessing and using Sprintax.