Message from OIA Director: Campus Climate Survey

International Students: Please see the message below from OIA Director Tamara Felden:

Dear International Student,

You have recently received a message announcing the Spring 2015 Climate Survey.  I know that surveys often don’t feel like a priority among the many responsibilities and tasks every day brings.  However, in this case it is of the utmost importance that the voices of international students are heard.  The University is making a large-scale dedicated effort to understand the experience of students better, and this means ALL students.  As an international student, your daily life –both in regard to your academic work and much outside of that- brings a number of challenges that domestic students don’t face. So maybe your first impression at seeing the survey announcement was that it might not be that relevant to you. Let me assure you that it is.

I personally ask two things of you:

1) Please take the survey and provide candid answers to make sure your own experience is reflected, and

2) Please connect with those individuals and groups with whom you interact in person, via FB, Twitter or messaging and urge them to participate also.  

Only if the experience, perspective and needs of international students are well understood can the University hope to make continued improvements that will make this a better place for students from around the world.  So please speak up!

With warm regards,


Tamara Felden, PhD
Director, Office of International Affairs | The University of Chicago1414 East 59th Street, Room 291 | Chicago, IL 60637, USA
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