New Ways to Submit Feedback to OIA

The Office of International Affairs now has two additional methods of communication available for international students, scholars, employees, spouses, and others.  Visitors to the OIA webpage can now submit an anonymous comment, suggestion, or issue through OIA’s Online Comment Box.  Your personal information will not be collected when you submit your form and your comments will be sent directly to Tamara Felden, Director of the Office of International of Affairs.

In addition to the online comment box, OIA has also installed a physical suggestion box in the front desk area.  You can use this comment box to leave suggestions to improve service, comments, compliments, or other issues you encounter.

Finally, you are now able to contact the International Student Advisory Board through the ISAB Contact Form. You can use the ISAB contact form to submit an international student issue, explore partnership and collaboration opportunities, and/or make connections with international student leaders.