OIA’s First Ever Pie Festival

A contest to see who can eat a pie the fastest!

In English, we say things can be “easy as pie”, but eating an entire pie in one sitting can be hard!  If you’d like to challenge your peers in a contest of your ability to eat quickly, then come to:

Coffee Hour: OIA’s First Ever Pie Eating Contest & Pie Festival

Wed, Nov 14: 5 PM, I-House Coulter Lounge

In addition to a variety of free pies for spectators to sample, ten lucky participants will get to compete in a pie eating contest for a chance to win great prizes!  Contestants will race to eat their pie the fastest without using their hands.  If you’re interested, you can register for the pie eating contest online!

Coming up, OIA will also host a workshop about Safety & Security on campus and in Chicago. Join us on Nov. 20th at 12:30pm at Ida Noyes, Library for a special presentation on with UChicago police Commander Keith Booker. Lunch will be provided.

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