Photo Contest: Director's Pick

Dear International Students and Scholars,

Today, at the Ice Cream Social, the winners of OIA’s first annual photo contest will be announced.  I am thrilled to have had so many creative, interesting submissions to choose from and I appreciate your participation –through your votes- in selecting the winners.  As is often the case, there were more outstanding photos than we could include.  So today we are announcing an additional award: The Annual Photo Contest Director’s Pick.  Every year, I will pick one outstanding photograph that was not selected among the winners.  It will be printed in eleven by fourteen inch format, matted and framed with the name of the photographer, and included in the art work on display in my office for one year.  It will be seen by all my visitors and serve as a daily reminder of the richness of experience and beauty represented by our international community.

This year’s Director’s Pick was submitted by P. Liebmann. I have selected it because of the compelling nature of the subject, the excellent framing, color and contrast, but most of all because of the remarkable combination of experience, wisdom, hardship and kindness shown in the subject’s face. I will turn to it many times in the year to come.











My best wishes for a successful and happy year!

Tamara Felden