Revised Procedures for Determining Visa Availability for Applicants Waiting to File for Adjustment of Status

USCIS’s procedures for determining visa availability for applicants waiting to file for employment-based or family-sponsored preference adjustment of status have been revised. The revision can be seen in the new format of the Visa Bulletin. The reformed Bulletin now lists two cut-off dates for each backlogged employment-based preference category and country. | Website

What is Changing:

Two charts per visa preference category will be posted in the DOS Visa Bulletin:

  • Application Final Action Dates (dates when visas may finally be issued); and
  • Dates for Filing Applications (earliest dates when applicants may be able to apply).

This does not mean that applicants will receive green cards faster. It simply affects the date by which applicants can file for their adjustment of status.

Dependent family members will be able to file an adjustment of status application along with the primary beneficiary

It is uncertain how long this opportunity will be available but it is expected to last through the early part of the fiscal year.

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