Message from the ID & Privileges Office About Issuing New IDs

The following announcement comes from the ID & Privileges Office:


Due to an unprecedented materials shortage with the manufacturer of our specialized University of Chicago ID cards, we do not have sufficient stock on hand to issue standard UChicago Cards to all persons in need of one.  We are urgently working to obtain the cards we need to resume normal carding.

In the meantime, we have developed a temporary solution that uses two separate cards to provide all of the functionality normally contained in the standard UChicago Card.

The first card is a standard University photo ID that performs all of the functions of the standard UChicago Card except for “tap” access. The second card contains an RFID chip, which you can use anywhere on campus you would normally tap your UChicago Card for access. This second card has a sticker on the front and your name applied to the back, as pictured below.

We will replace these two temporary cards with standard UChicago Cards after we receive new card stock.  We expect to be able to begin that process in the first week of October, and we’ll notify you with further information at that time.

Please visit for updates.  You can also contact us at with questions or concerns.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this unprecedented situation.


ID & Privileges Office

University of Chicago