Eligibility Requirements - Undergraduate NDVs

Undergraduate Non-Degree Visitors are advanced undergraduate students pursuing a degree at another institution who would benefit from undertaking research at the University of Chicago during the summer quarter. Undergraduate Non-Degree Visiting Students (NDVS) are:

  • considered to be in full-time student status;
  • registered as status 9;
  • charged the Non-Degree Visitor fee as well as other mandatory fees;
  • health insurance is required;
  • eligible to participate in laboratory-based research;
  • not eligible to enroll in courses at the University (thus exempt from the immunization requirements), and;
  • given student privileges such as access to the libraries, student housing, athletic facilities, and electronic networks.

Undergraduate non-degree visiting students must comply with all University rules and regulations and are subject to student disciplinary systems. This status is available for the summer term only and will not be extended. Summer term is understood to extend from the first day after the end of the spring quarter to the last day before the beginning of the autumn quarter; this is meant to accommodate differences in the academic calendars of institutions world-wide.

Non-Degree Visiting Students will be charged tuition and fees. Tuition varies across the University, but the Student Life Fee (assessed every quarter) and the Life-Time Transcript Fee (assessed only the first quarter) and uniform.  Students must also obtain health insurance, either through USHIP or an insurance provider whose policy meets the University's requirements. For details, please see the Comparable Coverage Checklist.

Those undergratudate Non-Degree Visiting Students who will be sponsored in "J-1 Student - Non-degree" status are required by federal law to enroll in insurance meeting that meets federal standards. For details of the required insurance, please see Required Health Insurance. Failure to obtain/maintain the required level of health insurance would constitute a violation of J status and result in the termination of the student's program. The University's insurance program for students meets federal requirements. To be clear, a student in J-1 status must meet both the federally required insurance level and the requirement of the University of Chicago.

Living expenses are not paid to the University. Prospective NDVS must prove that they have access to funds that are equal to or above the amount required to cover their living expenses.