Filing a Tax Return without a CNet ID

Any non-resident for tax purposes is able to pay for and use tax software that is specifically made for 'non-residents for tax purposes.' Two products that offer this service are Glacier and Sprintax.

To help support our international population, OIA pays for a federal filing for current international students and scholars through Sprintax.  At this point in time, only individuals who have a valid CNet ID can access a UChicago discount code for Sprintax. If your CNet ID is no longer valid, or if you never had a CNet ID, you will be able to purchase an individual license for use of tax software.

Non-Resident Tax Software Options:

While Glacier and Sprintax are very convenient options, the programs can only be used by those who are in the U.S. as non-residents for tax purposes. Not all individuals in the US in F, H or J-status are considered non-residents for tax purposes. While Glacier will be able to make this determination for you, you can make this determination yourself. For more information on how to make this determination, please visit our website’s Non-Resident for Tax Purposes section.

Also, please note that while anybody can purchase an individual user license from from a software provider, you may need a U.S. issued credit or debit card to do so.

Finally, if you are considered a non-resident for tax purposes during the year for which you need to file a tax return but you did not receive any taxable income during that year, you may only need to file Form 8843. This form is fairly straight forward and easy to complete on your own. You can find instructions on how to complete Form 8843 on our website’s section on IRS Form 8843.