OIA Social Events

OIA hosts regular social events for our international community. 

Socials are held outdoors whenever possible and large groups of international students, scholars, and employees come to meet new friends, eat free food, and have fun!

Now an established campus tradition that draws in new and returning students alike, the fall event is always an Ice Cream Social, featuring Bobtail Ice Cream—the best in Chicago! 

In winter, we keep the cold at bay with anice-skating party—right at our own on-campus ice-rink.  If you’ve ice-skated before—if you’ve never even seen snow before!—this is the event for you.  We also like to get together for hot chocolate and pastries. 

In spring, we celebrate the return of warm weather to Chicago with outdoor fun and games. We host different events for our community to relax and have fun together.

Our summer social is carnival-themed!  Expect plenty of family-friendly games, prizes, and tons of free food.

Keep a lookout for all upcoming events through our Events Calendar and Facebook Page.