OIA Procedures for J-1 Exchange Visitors

The following describes procedures for obtaining a Form DS-2019 "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (EV, J-1) Status" from the Office of International Affairs for a foreign national who has been offered an academic appointment at the University of Chicago.

To initiate the request for a Form DS2019 to sponsor a J-1 Exchange Visitor OIA requires:

From the department:

Completed and properly authorized J-1 Request Form

From the prospective exchange visitor:

Only when all documents have been received with full information can OIA begin processing the request. If OIA receives an incomplete J-1 Request Form, or if any information necessary to the J-1 request from the sponsoring department is missing, OIA will contact the department administrator who submitted the request. However, this will delay the processing of your request.

Completed J-1 requests will be processed within three business days. OIA will do its best to accommodate rush requests but cannot guarantee earlier service.

The Office of International Affairs uses only regular mail to send documents abroad. If you want to send the Form DS-2019 some other way, such as via express mail or commercial courier, indicate in the request form that you will pick up the form DS-2019. OIA will contact you when the Form DS-2019 is ready for pick up.


Every department that requests - and receives - Forms DS-2019 from OIA to host J-1 exchange visitors at the University of Chicago is required to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Inform OIA of any changes in arrival date if the Exchange Visitor will not arrive on campus within two weeks of the "start date" listed on the Form DS-2019;
  • Advise newly arrived J-1 exchange visitors to check in personally at OIA within 3 business days of arrival with all relevant immigration documents (Form DS-2019, passport, I-94 card, and J-1 visa). This includes the documents of any spouse and/or children in J-2 status;
  • Inform OIA of early departure of an exchange visitor who leaves his/her program 30 days or more before the indicated "end date" on Form DS-2019;
  • Update OIA regarding any changes of funding for the exchange visitor from what was originally indicated on the J-1 request.