The J-1 "Five-Point" Letter

5-Point Letter for J-1 or F-1 Visiting Students Holding a Medical Degree

When foreign students come to the University as non-degree visiting students to conduct research or to teach, the status they hold in the United States may be F-1 international student or J-1 Exchange Visitor. To certify eligibility for F-1 status, the University issues Form I-20; to certify J-1 status, the University issues Form DS-2019.

To comply with immigration law, foreign physicians coming to the U.S. to conduct non-clinical research in J-1 status must present -in addition to other documents- a document from the University of Chicago specifying from which activities they are prohibited. When submitting an NDVS request for a foreign physician to OIA, please include the 5-point letter, signed and dated by the faculty supervisor. The NDVS will be required to sign and date the relevant section of the document before applying for a visa to come to the University.