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Academic Training for J-1 Students

Administrators and Faculty, Information for

Address Update for Students on OPT or AT

Admissions Contact Information

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Background Check Letter for Students in Science or Tech Fields


Bias Response Team

Bringing Spouse or Children to the U.S.

Bringing Other Family Members to the U.S.

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Case Status Check (Link to USCIS)

Cellular (Mobile) Phones

Centers for Disease Control, Travel Information

Change of Status in the U.S.

Check-In at OIA (New Students)

Chicago - Getting to know it

Choose Student Status: F-1 or J-1?

Common Sense - Safety Publication

Contact OIA

Currency Converter

Curricular Practical Training for F-1 Students

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Dependent: Request to Add Dependent

Diversity Lottery

Document Retention Policy

Drivers Licenses

Drop Below Full-Time Registration Request

DS-2019: Requirements for Obtaining

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Embassies (U.S.) and other Diplomatic Missions

Employees and Researchers, Current

Employees and Researchers, Prospective and New

Employment: Do's and Don'ts for Employers

Employment: Do's and Don'ts for International Job Applicants

Employment Statuses for Foreigners

English as a Second Language

English Language Requirements

eShipGlobal Express Mail Request

Extension of I-20 or DS-2019 (Students)

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F-1: Why Choose F-1 instead of J-1?

F-1: Employment Authorization

F-1: Maintaining Student Status

F-1: Your Adviser

Foreign Consular Information:

---Foreign consular offices in the US

---Obtaining a visitor visa for Mexico

---Obtaining a visitor visa for Canada

Foreign Travel

Fun Things to do in Chicago

Funding Opportunities (Office of Graduate Affairs)

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Going Abroad

Grace Period

Graduate and Professional School Student Portal

"Green Card" Lottery

"Green Card" Renewal


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Health Insurance (Link to Student Health Plan)

H-1B and H-4 Introduction and Forms

H-1B, TN, E-3 Employees

H-1B Management At-a-Glance

Household Items


How long does OIA keep files?

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I-20: Requirements for Obtaining

Identity Theft

Individual Taxpayer ID Numbers (ITINs)

International English Language Testing System - IELTS

International House of Chicago

International Student Funding Options

Invitation Letter Request

International Student Organizations

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J-1 Scholars: Two-Year Home-Residency Requirement - 212(e)

J-1 Scholar Departure Information

J-1 Students: 2 Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement

J-1 Students: Employment Authorization

J-1 Students: Why Choose J-1 instead of F-1?

J-1 Students: Your Adviser

J-2 Dependents of J-1 Students: Employment Authorization

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Lawyers: American Immigration Lawyers Association

Leave of Absence

Letter Verifying Full-Time Enrollment

Lost Documents

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Medical Information to bring with you

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New Student Check-In

News Sources:

---New York Times



---Washington Post

---National Public Radio

---World News Directory

Notary Public

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OPT address update

Optional Practical Training for F-1 students

OPT - Cap-Gap Extension

Orientation for International Graduate and Professional School Students New to the University

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Part-Time Enrollment Authorization

Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence Card Renewal

Postal Service, Zip Code Look-up

Practical Matters

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Reduced Courseload Authorization Request

Request to Add Dependent:

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---Keeping You Safe

---Common Sense - Your Guide to Safe Urban Living

Services for Students


Shopping for Clothes, Groceries, Household Items and More

Skills List

Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers - Employer Letter Template

Spouses and Partners of International Students, Scholars, and Employees

Stipend Payments

Stolen Documents

Student Care Center

Student Counseling and Resource Service

Students, Admitted

Students, Current

Students, Prospective

Study Abroad, Undergraduate

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Tax Information

Test of English as a Foreign Language - TOEFL

Time Management Issues (How to get help) - ASAP

Training for Administrators and Faculty

Transferring OUT of the University of Chicago - Students

Transferring TO the University of Chicago - Students

Transit Information

Translation Services

Travel Checklist

Travel Signatures/Endorsements

Travel Warnings

Two-Year Home-Residency Requirement - 212(e)

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Visa vs. Status

Visa Wait Times (Link to State Department)

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Waivers of 212(e) for J Visa Holders

Winter Safety: Cold Stress

Withdrawal Notification

Women's Health

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