Cost of Living for J-1 Scholars at the University of Chicago

The amounts below are the very minimum level of funding support needed for J-1 scholars and their dependents (if applicable). These amounts only provide for the bare necessities and do not allow for any discretionary spending whatsoever. They also do not take into account any kind of emergency. If at all possible, visitors should have funding in excess of the stated amount available, particularly in case of longer term stays.

Health Insurance is not considered if the Visiting Scholar has health insurance through the University's PRBP; an Exchange Visitor who does not have health insurance that meets the minimum insurance requirements must obtain the required minimum coverage for both the J-1 and all J-2 dependents coming to the US. Failure to do so is a violation of status and could result in the J-1's termination from the status and from the University. Health insurance rules for dependents in J-2 status are the same as those for the J-1 Exchange visitor. Health insurance costs are in addition to the amounts stated below. (Since they may fluctuate significantly based on the insurance plan the J-1 purchases, they are not listed with amounts.)



12 Months


9 Months





J-1 Scholar









Addl. cost for each dependent (spouse/child)