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OIA Administrator Training gives UChicago administrators an opportunity to gain skills and increase knowledge for working with international populations.  

NOTE: All handouts and slide decks are being updated - August-December 2022. We hope to have updated information available here in January 2023. For specific questions or to request training, please reach out to: international-affairs@uchicago.edu 

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Workshop Descriptions

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Payroll Training for Administrators Working with F-1 and J-1 Students

Gain a better understanding of payroll processing for F-1 and J-1 student employment or scholarships.  We will also provide updates on the new I-9 form, I-94 form and ITIN processing.



Payroll Training for Administrators Working with J-1 and H-1B Statuses

We review the payroll documents and processing needed for J-1 scholars and H-1B employees.  We will provide updates of the new I-9, and I-94 forms and ITIN processing.    

Understanding J-1 Scholar Training: the Basics

Learn how to request a Form DS-2019 for a J-1 Scholar.  You will gain a better understanding of the requirements for J-1 status and get tips on visa processing and timelines. Handout  

Understanding H-1B Employees: the Basics

Detailed instructions on how to request H-1B status.  You will learn what is required of you for the University to be in compliance with relevant law and what employees must do to maintain valid H-1B status. We will also give you tips on timelines for new and extension H-1B petitions. Handout  

Understanding J-1 Scholar Status: Advanced 

This stretches beyond the basics of the J-1 scholar status to investigate more complex issues including the two-year repeat participation bar, two-year home residency requirement, J-2 work authorization, sequential short-term scholar programs, insurance requirements, and applying for SSNs. It is designed for administrators who attended “The Basics” sH1ession as well as those who have been working with J-1 scholars for several years.    

Understanding H-1B Employee Status: Advanced

This session stretches beyond the basics of H-1B employee status to investigate more complex issues including maintaining H-1B status while in legal permanent residency process, concurrent employment, part-time employment, porting an H-1B employee, and recapturing time spent outside of the US. The session is designed for administrators who attended “The Basics” session as well as those who have been working with H-1B employees for several years.    

Understanding F-1 and J-1 Student Statuses: the Basics

Increase your understanding of F-1 and J-1 student statuses, including applying for student status, maintaining status, travel concerns, and work authorization.  We will review the documents administrators may be asked to review and submit to OIA and answer commonly asked questions.  You will also gain a better understanding of when to direct students to OIA.  



Understanding F-1 and J-1 Student Work Authorization Options

What are the work options for international students during and after their studies?

You will learn about international student work authorization options like OPT, CPT, and AT, including application instructions, deadlines, forms, and considerations.  We recommend attending an “F-1 and J-1 Student Statuses: The Basics” training before attending this training. 



Understanding the Green Card Process  

OIA, along with attorneys from Kempster, Keller, Quiceno and Lenz-Calvo (KKQLC), and the University's Offices of Legal Counsel and Human Resource Services, will explain how a University employee may obtain a green card.  We will discuss the process, timelines, immigration regulations and University policies.    

Chinese Pronunciation Workshop

Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and feel more confident pronouncing names and words.  You will have the opportunity to practice in small groups and individually.     

Understanding Dependent Immigration Statuses

Gain a basic understanding of dependent statuses (F-2, J-2, H-4, etc), including work authorization and volunteering guidelines and information/resources for supporting the spouses of our international students, scholars and employees.    

Advising International Students on their Job Search: for career advisers across the University

Bringing together career advisers from around campus, this two-part workshop provides information on work authorization options for international students during and after their studies.  Advisers will present common scenarios and identify best practices and resources, as well as address common questions and considerations for international employees.      

Understanding Students and Scholars from [country]  (Series of sessions)

This annual workshop series will focus on specific cultures represented at the University and aims to help you develop your cross-cultural competence further as you work our international population.    

OIA Annual Meeting

This two-part meeting will provide updates on OIA’s services, statistics and new initiatives. We will also provide training on a specific topic that is relevant to administrators working with the University’s international population, such as training for admissions using Slate, cross-cultural competency workshops, or payroll processes for international visitors.    

Non-Degree Visiting Students (NDVS): Tentative

What are the requirements for bringing international non-degree visiting students to the University? This presentation will review University policy, immigration status options, and issues that typically arise in managing NDVS.    

Looking for a custom workshop for your department or office? Email international-affairs@uchicago.edu with your request.

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