Required Elements of a Job Description for H-1B Status Requests

A clear explanation of all elements needed to write a detailed description is located on HRS’s (Human Resources Services) website at:

Because the Department of Labor may require additional information to be included in job descriptions, OIA may request that a job description be revised. Revised job descriptions must be submitted to the Compensation Office at HRS. This may result in the job description having to be reposted. Reposted job descriptions require that the search be reopened. The HRS format is required for all positions, even for positions when job descriptions were not required (prior to the inception of UCJobs) and for all Postdoctoral Scholar positions.

Education requirements:

Level of postsecondary degree and field of study must be included in all job descriptions. Examples are listed below: 1. Doctorate in Biochemistry, Chemistry, or alternative related field required 2. Doctorate or doctorate received by time of employment in Linguistics or alternative related field required 3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or alternative related field required; Master’s degree preferred 4. Master’s degree in Psychology or alternative related field required; Ph.D. preferred.

Essential functions and other functions:

Job descriptions with no essential functions listed (e.g. “Research in Chemistry) may result in a higher Prevailing Wage Determination. Therefore, percentages of time required to perform each duty must be listed. When both functions are combined (essential functions plus other functions) the total percentage listed for all duties must equal 100%. When research done during graduate studies counts as experience, leave this off the job description or list this as “research and work done during graduate studies.”

Supervision of employees:

It is imperative to list the number of employees the beneficiary will supervise, when supervision is listed in the description. This includes the number of student workers he/she will supervise.