Federal Judges Impose Temporary Restraining Orders on New Executive Order on Immigration

On March 16, 2017, a new Executive Order on immigration was to go into effect that restricted travel to the U.S. by nationals from 6 countries and provided clarification of who would be exempt from the ban and who might be able to obtain a waiver.  On March 15, 2017, two federal judges imposed temporary restraining orders which prevented the new Executive Order from going into effect.  It is not yet known how the legal process surrounding the Executive Order will unfold, nor have government agencies offered guidance in case the Executive Order will go into effect eventually.  OIA is monitoring events closely and will continue to provide updates as soon as new information becomes available.  If you have questions, please contact OIA at international-affairs@uchicago.edu or 773.702.7752. We also recommend that you review the information athttps://internationalaffairs.uchicago.edu under the link Updates on Presidential Executive Orders Affecting Immigration.