Academic English Proficiency Assessment

Academic English Proficiency Assessment (AEPA)

A request for an AEPA can only be made by an academic area. The process cannot be initiated with the Language Center by a student or scholar. Note the steps below:

 Step 1:  Departments/programs can request the AEPA for a student/a group of students or a scholar here

Step 2:  Once the Department or program contacts the Office of Language Assessment, the student or scholar will be contacted directly with information about setting up the test. Please ensure that the student or scholar is taking the Oral version of the AEPA exam. The results page should look similar to the example included below.

Step 3:  Once the AEPA candidate(s) registers for the test, they receive an automated confirmation email with the date and time of the test.

Step 4:  Then, the Office of Language Assessment sends another email which has the instructions to take the AEPA via an online video conferencing system called “Zoom”. This email also includes rules and reminders regarding the test.

Step 5:  Once the test is completed according to the AEPA protocol, the Office of Language Assessment sends the “AEPA Results Summary” (please see the AEPA Results Summary template) to the requesting department. To meet the English Language Requirement, a result of "Basic" or higher is required.

Step 6:  Lastly, the Office of Language Assessment prepares the invoice for the AEPA(s) administered and sends to the department/program that requested the test (please see the AEPA Invoice template).

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