Glacier Tax Prep for Non-Residents Now Available

Each year, OIA pays for licenses that allow UChicago students use Glacier Tax Prep (GTP) without charge to the student.  You will require an active CNET ID to use Glacier. Should you decide to file without using Glacier Tax Prep, please be sure you have all of your tax forms before submitting your return. As a reminder, Glacier is for 'non-residents for tax purposes' only. Residents for Tax purposes are not able to use the software. If you have not used Glacier before, you will be prompted to create an account after signing in. 

Glacier Tax Prep is a third-party software.  If you experience technical problems and need assistance, please contact the Glacier Tax Prep help team by emailing:

What if my CNET ID is no longer active? Can I still use GTP?
A valid CNET ID is required to use the University Glacier license. If your CNET ID is no longer active, you are still able to purchase an individual license through the Glacier website.