International House Summer Quarter Housing Program Announced

Beginning in 2017, International House will provide Summer Quarter housing to UChicago graduate and professional school students, trainees and interns, visiting scholars and postdoctoral researchers. Hailing from every region of the world, summer residents of International House will find an instant circle of friends that transcends political, religious, geographic, and ethnic boundaries. And not all summer residents are international; students from across the United States are also drawn to International House, and equally contribute to and benefit from its diverse and vibrant community.

To be eligible for the International House Summer Housing Program, residents must be 18 years or older and students or affiliates of the University of Chicago. Residents must be UChicago graduate students, trainees or interns, visiting scholars or postdoctoral researchers at the University of Chicago or the Medical Center.

For more information about this program, eligibility requirements and accomodations, please follow this link: