Recent Plagiarism Scam Targeting International Students

OIA recently received a report of a plagiarism scam targeting international students. The scam consists of scammers e-mailing students using normal-looking gmail addresses and offering to provide academic cheating services that are plagiarism proof in exchange for money. The scammers guarantee good grades and typically communicate with individuals through specific accounts on social networking sites, though the contact methods have reportedly been varied.  This scam generally results in students having their money stolen or violations of academic honesty guidelines.

If you are approached in this or a similar manner, it is very important to understand that this is an attempt to defraud you, and you should contact your local police department right away and then contact OIA. Here are the police department numbers:
Calling UCPD from a campus phone: Dial 123
Calling UCPD from any phone: Dial 773.702.8181
Calling the Chicago Police Department: Dial 911
Anywhere else in the US, calling your local police department: Dial 911
If you call a local police department and have difficulty with the process there, call UCPD for assistance. 

Once you have contacted police, please also contact OIA.  You can do so by either contacting your regular adviser in our office, or by calling/e-mailing OIA’s front office (773.702.7752; asking to be connected with Tamara Felden, OIA's Director.

Please do not hesitate to contact OIA if you have questions or concerns about this. I ask you to also be a good ally to others who may not have received this message but may be at risk.