Study Abroad Opportunities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem!

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is offering two unique study abroad opportunities this summer! Through an extensive series of lectures, meetings, and site-visits, our programs provide an eye-opening experience and the opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the world's most important issues and developments unfolding in Israel, a crossroads for humanity and "Start-up Nation."

  • Coexistence in the Middle East (CME) – An intercultural field program in which participants experience the challenges and complexities of coexistence by engaging with different national, religious, and ideological groups that converge in Israel.

  • InnovNation – Organized in collaboration with the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Economy, InnovNation offers insight into the best practices in Israeli innovation and an up-close look at the disruptive technologies that will transform tomorrow's world.

Both 2017 's summer programs award academic credits through Hebrew University's Rothberg International School (RIS). Two-week sessions will also be offered in Winter '17-18 (dates TBA) for students, faculty members, and professionals. For more information:

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