Updates for Students with 2014 Tax Return Issues

This message recently went out to all international students who are on the OIA F-1 and J-1 Student mailing list. If you are still having issues with your 2014 tax return, please review the information below.  Note that this information is only for tax returns from calendar year 2014 and does not apply to recently filed 2015 tax returns.

Dear Students,

We are writing with an update on IRS matters, as we understand them based on recent communication from the IRS and related sources. 

We were glad to hear from so many of you that you have finally received your 2014 refund or have received confirmation from the IRS that you will receive it soon.  It appears that the IRS now understands the problem and is taking steps to correct it and we couldn’t be happier for you.  However, questions still arise and the information below may be helpful.  Please read the entire message carefully, with particular attention to the very important additional information toward the end of this message. 

Below, you will find guidance to follow if -

  • You have not received your 2014 refund;
  • You have received your 2014 refund, but it did not include an interest payment;
  • You have received your 2014 refund, but it was less than you calculated on your return/less than you expected;          
  • A different scenario applies to you, and
  • Very important additional information

Many of you have contacted us regarding your 2014 tax refunds. We are happy to report that many students have received their 2014 refunds, or a letter from the IRS indicating your record is being reviewed and you should expect to receive a refund in 3-4 weeks. We have also heard from a few students who have not yet received their refunds, or who received different amounts than expected. If you fall into one of these categories, please review the recommended steps outlined below.

I have not received my 2014 refund

If you have received the letter indicating your record is being reviewed and you should expect a refund in 3-4 weeks, then you should continue to wait until the 4th week has ended. If you have not received the refund by the end of the 4th week, or you have not received this IRS letter at all, you should contact the IRS office at 1-267-941-1000. Select 1 for "English" then 4 for "international tax issue" then 1 for "individual refund." At that point you are connected with a person. You will need to request a status on your refund and/or transcript. Request information on when your refund will be processed. If this IRS agent cannot provide you any information on your status, you should contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service at 312.292.3800 or 877.777.4778.

I have received my 2014 refund, but it did not include an interest payment

Per IRS regulations (Reference: 26 U.S. Code § 6611), the IRS is required by law to pay interest on any overpayment if the overpayment is not remitted to the individual within 180 days. Keep in mind that the 180 day period begins on April 15 or whenever the tax return is submitted – whichever is later. If you did not receive interest on your 2014 refund, please review when you submitted your return.

  • If it has been less than 180 days since you submitted your 2014 return, then you are not eligible for an interest payment on your 2014 refund.
  • If it has been more than 180 days since you submitted your 2014 return, then you are eligible for an interest payment. You can elect to not follow up on the interest payment; or you can choose to contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service at 312.292.3800 or 877.777.4778.

I have received my 2014 refund, but it was less than was calculated on my return/less than was expected

2014 nonresident tax returns are being processed with more scrutiny. Based on this additional review, the IRS may not agree with your calculated refund.

  • If you used Glacier Tax Prep, your calculated refund is most likely correct, as we stand by this product. If you used GTP and did not receive your full calculated refund, you can (1) write a letter to the IRS disagreeing with your refund and ask the IRS to review your 2014 tax return again; or (2) contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service at 312.292.3800 or 877.777.4778 for assistance in reviewing the reason behind the reduced refund.
  • If you did not use Glacier Tax Prep, you will need to review your 2014 tax return forms to make sure you only claimed eligible expenses and did properly report all your earnings for 2014. If you believe you are correct in your return, please see above for writing the IRS a letter or contacting the Taxpayer Advocate. If you believe you filed ineligible deductions and the amount you received is indeed correct, you do not need to take further action, your case would be considered closed.

None of these scenarios apply to me

Very important additional Information

  • All 2014 refunds are being paid via paper check and mailed to the home address on file. You will not receive a direct deposit for your 2014 refund.
  • The IRS will contact you at the most current home address in their files. If you have moved, or did not notify the IRS of a previous address change, your refund or communications may not be making it to you. You should contact the IRS to confirm your current address, or submit a change of address form 8822.
  • If you have received your 2014 tax return and are satisfied with the refund amount, you can move forward with filing your 2015 federal and state tax returns. You do not need to indicate that you filed for an extension or include any additional information. You would file the federal and state returns as normal.
  • The IRS is attempting to correct thousands of 2014 nonresident tax returns, along with processing 2015 returns - wait times via phone are still long. Please be patient when contacting the IRS and know that they are working through the returns as quickly as possible.
  • If you receive additional letters from the IRS indicating you still owe funds for 2014, please know these letters are automated. If you have already responded to the IRS indicating your disagreement, you do not need to respond again. If you have not yet responded to the IRS via writing, you should do so using the information on the email sent by Tamara Felden on March 9, 2016.

Thank you for your perseverance and collaborative spirit through all of this and have a great summer!

With best regards,


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