Eligibility Requirements for Graduate-level Non-Degree Visiting Students (NDVS)

Non-Degree Visiting Students are advanced graduate students pursuing a graduate level degree at another academic institution, who are at the research or writing stage, and who temporarily work on their research project with a faculty member at the University of Chicago.

Non-Degree Visiting Students must comply with all University rules and regulations and are subject to student disciplinary systems. This status is available for no more than 4 consecutive quarters, including the summer quarter. This status may be extended by up to 4 consecutive quarters upon recommendation of the faculty sponsor and the area Dean of Students and with the approval of the Deputy Provost for Research and Education. Please refer to the UChicago Student Manual for the latest and most complete description of the Non-Degree Visiting Student category.

Costs per Academic Quarter (for total amounts, see list below)

As a Non-Degree Visiting Student, you will be liable for certain fees and expenses. The budget per academic quarter in the academic year 2012-2013 is:

Quarterly Rates 2012-2013

 Visiting Student 



Student Life Fee


Health Insurance1


Living Expenses2


 Spouse Dependent Life Fee3  


Living Expenses


First Child Dependent Life Fee


Living Expenses


 Second Child Dependent Life Fee


Living Expenses


Totals for NDVS only

1 Quarter:     $7,719

2 Quarters:  $15,438

3 Quarters:  $23,157

4 Quarters:  $29,957

Totals for each dependent

(does not include insurance)

1 Quarter:  $1,240

2 Quarters: $2,480

3 Quarters: $3,720

4 Quarters: $4,960

Please note: For purposes of issuing the form DS-2019, OIA will use the funding requirement levels in effect at the time the request reaches our office, even if the cost to the NDVS will be greater because s/he is coming to the University at a time when new tuition/fee amounts are in effect.

NDVS who receive funds from a third party (meaning not the University of Chicago and not the personal funds of the NDVS) will have to show documentation stating specific amounts. If ranges of amounts are given (such as $1,300-$1,700 per month), OIA can only consider the lowest guaranteed amount (in this example, $1,300 per month).

1.)   The annual insurance premium will be broken up into three quarterly installments. No insurance will be charged during the fourth quarter but the insurance coverage will continue through the fourth quarter. J-1 status holders must obtain insurance through the University or obtain a waiver. 

2.)   The living expenses are not paid directly to the University. The prospective Non-Degree Visiting Student must prove that he or she has access to funds that are equal to the above rate to cover his or her private living expenses, such as room and board.

3.)    J-2 dependents are required to have health insurance that meets the minimum requirements as shown on our website, but they do not have to acquire this coverage through the University. When the primary status holder (Non-Degree Visiting Student) obtains the University of Chicago Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP), the NDVS will be charged $223 for each dependent per quarter, for three quarters. The Dependent Life fee will not be charged if the NDVS does not obtain the USHIP. In that case, funds for health insurance premiums for J-2 dependent spouses and children are in addition to the costs stated here and are the responsibility of the J-1 status holder.