Representing Home

You will undoubtedly meet people who are interested in learning about your culture and your country. If you are invited to an American home, it's very much appreciated if you take some small (though not expensive) gift representing your home.

And there will probably be opportunities to show off your culture/country in festivals put on by the International House and other units in the University (as well as children's schools and other groups you may get involved with while you are here) to celebrate the cultures of the world.

You might consider bringing some of the following items to represent your culture, your home city or country, and you and your family:

  1. Small, inexpensive souvenirs (paper flags or lapel pins; postcards, pictures, or tourist booklets).
  2. Maps or books (especially books with lots of pictures). Many people are interested in food; an illustrated cookbook is always popular! (Of course, you can also show digital pictures of your town, country, museums or your family from your computer.)
  3. Music CDs.

If you have room in your luggage to bring a traditional clothing item (or a piece of fabric) or game or other cultural item, do consider bringing it. There will be people interested in seeing it.