How OIA Communicates with You

OIA broadcasts information to entire groups of individuals (such as international students, J-1 scholars, H-1B employees or administrators) through various communication channels.

To ensure you only receive relevant e-mails, we maintain several OIA mailing lists.  

Overview of OIA Email Lists

Lists for Students

Lists for J-1 Scholars & H-1B Employees

  • H-1B Employees (Mandatory): updates information for H-1B Employees.
  • J-1 Scholars (Mandatory): updates and information specific to J-1 scholars. 
  • OIA Weekly Digest (Optional): "under construction" with more details to come!

Optional Lists for Administrators


  • Updates on Executive Orders on Immigration: subscribe for updates and guidance regarding ongoing changes in U.S. immigration policies and laws:
  1. Visit the Executive Order List Homepage. Sign into the website with your CNET ID and password and subscribe to the list. You should see the word "subscribe" in maroon in the lower left section of the window. Click on subscribe. This does require a CNET ID.
  2. send an email to with only the word 'subscribe' in the subject line and send. No text is needed in the body of the email.