Filing H-1B Cases

Information for Attorneys Filing H-1B Cases for the University

The Office of International Affairs at the University of Chicago has certain processes in place to support the work of attorneys who process cases on behalf of the University. If you do not have a particular process in place with our office, please consider the information below. Please feel free to contact us to set up more streamlined procedures or to obtain additional information.

Please note: The institutional signer for immigration forms is Tamara Felden (contact information provided below); the forms listed here should be sent directly to her, not to anyone else in the University.

OIA provides the following support to attorneys filing H-1B cases on behalf of the University:

  • Signature on Form G-28
  • Signature on Form I-129 and supplements
  • Signature on Form I-907
  • Creation of iCERT Associate Account, if needed (see instructions below)

All documents we receive for signature will be reviewed and follow-up communication with the attorney will be initiated where needed.


If your law firm frequently handles cases for the University, we will be glad to create the needed iCERT Associate account to file Labor Condition Applications. Please provide us with the complete set of information required by iCERT in an e-mail message to

OIA does not provide the following:

  • Checks for fees - these are provided by the department
  • Documentation regarding the position, salary for the position or the beneficiary's employment history - these are provided by the department and the beneficiary, respectively

For the University's record-keeping purposes, a copy of the Receipt Notice for any case must be sent to our office. It should be accompanied by information indicating the departmental contact at the University for the case, the validity dates requested in the petition and whether the petition is for a Change of Status.

Once an approval has been received, the entire Public Access File must be submitted to our office.

How to reach us:

Documents such as forms I-129 can be mailed or sent via e-mail attachment to We will review, communicate if/as needed, print and sign the document and usually return it via FedEx 2-day delivery after no more than 3 days. The mailing address where to direct mail is as follows:

Tamara Felden, PhD
Office of International Affairs
The University of Chicago
1414 E. 59th Street, Room 291
Chicago, IL 60637
Fax (773) 702-3058

Should you have any questions about these procedures or any other matter regarding your filing on behalf of the University of Chicago, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail to Tamara Felden or by calling (773) 702-7752.