Invitation Letter for B or VW Status

When you invite someone who is coming to conduct activities in legitimate B or VW status (based on both immigration law and University policy), your invitation letter should be on letterhead and contain the elements listed below. It is entirely appropriate to write the kind of invitation letter you would write in any event (whether more formal or more personal), making sure that the items below are included.



[Name and address of the individual you are inviting]

  • Statement that your unit invites the visitor and for what purpose;
  • Title and date/s of the event/s;
  • Brief description of the activities to be performed by the visitor (such as “public lecture”);
  • Honoraria and/or reimbursement offered the visitor (and if applicable, relevant tax information);
  • Any other information relevant to this visit that does not address immigration matters;
  • Full contact information, including name, title, full address, e-mail, fax and phone details of the individual issuing the invitation.