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OIA is pleased to offer a variety of ongoing programs and virtual events to support and connect with international students from all academic divisions. Please see below for details & join us!

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Ongoing Programs

Campus Partnerships


Work Authorization Webinars with OIA + Career Advancement

International undergraduate students are invited to attend these webinars, during which advisers from Career Advancement & OIA will provide important information about who is eligible for off-campus work authorization and how to apply, OR what additional options to pursue if you are not yet eligible. These webinars are intended for international College students (undergraduates) only.  Additional information to come once available.

Global Mentorship Network

The Global Mentorship Network (GMN) is a collaboration between International House and the Office of International Affairs that aims to develop and facilitate a network of support for international graduate students at the University of Chicago. 

This year-long program connects graduate mentors with a cohort of new international graduate students. Mentors and mentees are expected to communicate at least once per month throughout the academic year, and with support from our offices, mentors will foster a sense of community and provide resources for their mentees. Through this collaborative cohort model, inclusive programming, and regular reflection and feedback, GMN intends to enhance the overall international student experience at the university. 

For more information and to apply to be a mentor or mentee:

International Student Support Space

Resilience in Diversity: International Student Therapy Group
This virtual therapy group is open to both undergraduate and graduate international students. It is a safe and confidential space to discuss topics related to return to in-person learning, cross-cultural adjustment, minority stress, academic performance, interpersonal relationships, and other important aspects of your life. Members have the opportunity to receive mutual support, form meaningful connections, and learn ways to foster resilience and self-care.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Yu-Yun Liu, PhD at


THRIVE is a partnership with UChicagoGRAD Diversity & Inclusion, Student Counseling Services (SCS), Student Support Services (SSS), and the Office of International Affairs (OIA)  to provide emotional wellness related workshops for graduate students every quarter. 

Past workshops have included topics such as imposter syndrome and cultivating unconditional self-worth. These workshops are just some of the tools available for stress and mental health management. 

Visit the home page for more information. 

Check out this quarter's THRIVE event information