International Students at UChicago Lab School

Once an international student has been formally admitted to the Laboratory Schools (commonly called Lab Schools), the student's parents/guardians must provide a number of documents to the Office of International Affairs to obtain a Form I-20, which is required for an F-1 student visa.

Please submit the following to the Office of International Affairs:

  • Clearly legible photocopy of passport identification page/s of the student passport. If the student does not yet have the passport, provide an official document showing the student's complete, formal name which will appear in the passport.
  • Completed/signed Financial Resources Statement. Please request this form by sending a message to; you will receive this form via e-mail after the student has been formally admitted to the Lab Schools. Please do not attempt to use the online form.
  • If FedEx or DHL delivery is being requested, please visit instructions for expedited mailing
  • Statement indicating the person handling the documentation on behalf of the student is a parent or legal guardian. 
  • Financial documentation outlining available and liquid funding available to cover the first year of attendance or entire period of stay at the Lab School, whichever is shorter. For example, financial documents provided are bank statements, 

Submission instructions will be provided after initial communications. Both the student and those assisting him/her with the visa application process should carefully review the information provided at the following website:

F-1 versus J-1 status

Qualifying for your I-20 or DS-2019

If the student is currently attending another school in the U.S.

All items under 2 and 3 at the admitted student page.

Lab School students do not have to attend the mandatory orientation but will receive a hand-out when checking with OIA that provides information they require to remain in lawful status.

Questions should be directed to the Office of International Affairs at or (773) 702-7752.